Consistent safety on deck

The new NOMEN cleat always remains closed, whether it is belayed or not. During belaying the soft moving ends give way readily. The line can simply be wound around the rigid part of the cleat without having to activate any mechanism. The round rotary end pieces keep the cleat firmly closed so no lines can get caught and nobody can be injured.

  • The CLIP-cleat is available in stainless steel (polished) or in Aluminium (silver or black anodized).
  • 2013 the CLIP-cleat won the DAME Award (category deck equipment, sails and rigging) DAME Award
  • The NOMEN Clip-cleat is WINNER at the German Design Award 2018 which is one of the most widely recognised international design awards, honouring first-rate entries in the field of product and communications design. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.


No stressing of moving parts

The cleat consists of a rigid central part which absorbs the pulling force of the mooring line. There are two moving elements mounted on the ends of the cleat which are held in the centre position by a spring mechanism. The end pieces always remain unstressed. 

Unimpeded casting off is possible at all times. The movable end pieces readily move aside, or they snap into the open position in which they lie calmly on deck.