The NOMEN CLIP-cleat

Report by the DAME Award Jury about the NOMEN Clipcleat: Just when you think every variation of a cleat must have been designed, then along comes a very clever and elegant alternative.

Sculpture on the foredeck

We have been admiring, and using, the very clever folding cleat mad by Nomen lately and, quite apart from the sheer beauty of it, have fount it to be strong an functional, a rare and satisfying combination of qualities.

Taquet très design Nomen

On connaissait le taquet d'amarrage escamotable dans le pont et voici le Nomen Cleat profilè et repliable qui ne nécessite pas un long travail de montage. Véritable pièce de décoration en inox une fois replié, ce nouveau taquet de pont n'est pas un obstacle et il est trè pratique et sûr en postion ouverte.

NOMEN Folding Cleat

A Premium Products Is Born

Everybody in the boating industry knows who Axel Hoppenhaus is. The designer of the innovative NOMEN folding cleat has a sharp eye for detail, epecially for creative designs.

Die Geschichte einer Klampe

Axel Hoppenhaus - ist das nicht der mit der Klampe? Genau, das ist er. Der Designer der Nomen-Klampe, dem Sensationsfitting der letzten Jahre. Genauer gesagt ist Axel Hoppenhaus mehr als nur der Designer dieser Klampe.

Cleats with balls

There are many rectractable cleats on the market to helt your boat achieve this season's flush-decked lock, but this CNC-milled artwork is one of the fines examples we've seen.