_NOMEN Products

NOMEN Products was founded in 2002 in order to produce particularly designs of Axel Hoppenhaus and to bring them to the market. We started with the much awarded NOMEN cleat. 

NOMEN Products came out of NOMEN Design, the Design Studio of Axel Hoppenhaus, founded 1995 in Hamburg Germany.

_Axel Hoppenhaus

Already a qualified boat builder, Axel Hoppenhaus went on to study shipbuilding before changing to the subject of industrial design. After initially working for yacht and ship design offices, Axel Hoppenhaus started up on his own so as to devote his energies to his own ideas. He works in small teams of specialists, which he puts together for each project. His goal is distinctiveness with high quality products by means of outstanding functionality and aesthetics.


1996 Designpreis Schleswig-Holstein The design award of Northern Germany
1996 Prize winner at the British "Sylvania Lynx Energy SaverDesign Competition"
1998 Federal Product Design Award The highest German design prize
1997 und 1998 Ranking: Design "Die 100 Besten, Industrie-Design" Form Verlag Form GmbH
2000 Hiswa Award, Amsterdam
2002 "Special mentioned" beim DAME Award, METS Amsterdam, Kategorie: Deck Fittings
2014 DAME Award Amsterdam, Category „deck equipment, sails and rigging“