_Is it easy to mount the cleat on deck?

Yes - to mount a Nomen Cleat is as easy as to mount a rigid standard cleat. You just have to drill three holes, tighten three scews and then fix the cleat arms without any tools – thats it!

NOMEN cleat details

_How much maintenance is required?

In 2008 we brought out the maintenance-free version of the NOMEN Cleat. Older NOMEN Cleats can be upgraded very easy.Information

If you do not wish to upgrade your cleats please read our maintenance notes.

_Where can I buy products from NOMEN?

We are selling the Nomen Cleat directly to endusers as well as through dealers and boatyards. If your boatyard or dealer is going to mount the cleats, please ask this company to order the cleats for you.

If you are planning to mount the cleats yourself, please order them directly or ask your boatshop or yacht chandler to order them for you.


_Which size of the cleat should be the right one for my boat?

The cleats size depends on the diameter of the mooring lines. Please find complete information in the Technical Data.


_What is the breaking load of the cleat?

Following our tests the ropes are breaking before any damages to the cleats are possible. Please download the Technical Data!

Nomen Cleat Details